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Neuromod is part of IEM INNOVATION WEEK (April 8th-12th, 2024)

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SCI Workshop

Wednesday, April 10th, 2024

Breakfast and Registration - 7:00 AM

Workshop Introduction - Amanda DeRasmi, DO - 8:00 AM

SESSION 1: Epidural

8:10 AM Neuromodulation Keynote - Reggie Edgerton, PhD 

8:50 AM Industry Forum

9:50 AM Introduction to Translational Forum - Claudia Angeli, PhD

10:00 AM Epidural Research Forum with:

10:50 AM Break

11:10 AM SCI participant experience

11:40 PM Roundtable

Lunch - 12:10 PM 

SESSION 2: Transcutaneous

 12:50 PM Neuromodulation Keynote - Gail Forrest, PhD

 1:30 PM Transcutaneous Research Forum

2:30 PM Industry Forum

3:50 PM Break

4:10 PM SCI Participant Experience 

4:40 PM Roundtable

Adjourn - 5:10 PM

Welcome Reception - 6:00p

Huntington Bank Stadium 

Neuromodulation Symposium

Thursday, April 11th, 2024

Breakfast and Registration - 7:30 am

Opening Remarks - 8:15 am

Dennis Olson, MLS, M.Ed.- Commissioner of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education

Keynote: History of Neuromodulation Translation

8:30 am       Tim Denison, AB, SM, PhD, MBA - Oxford University

"A Brief History of Translating Neuromodulation Therapies"

SESSION 1: Lesson Learned from Neuromodulation Translation

9:15 am                    Session Chair - Tim Denison, AB, SM, PhD, MBA - Oxford University     

9:25 am       Speaker 1:1 - Susan Alpert MD, PhD - SFADC LLC

      "What does FDA need and/or want in support of neuro modulation devices?"

9:45 am               Speaker 1:2 - Cynthia Kubu, PhD - Cleveland Clinic

      "Lessons learned in the translation of neuromodulation devices: A neuroethics' perspective"

10:05 am       Speaker 1:3 - John Rondoni, M.Eng. - Inspire Medical Systems

    "Concept to Clinic: Translating a Novel Closed-Loop Therapy"

10:25 am       Q&A

Break - 10:45 am

Poster Session - 11:00 am

Lunch Sponsored by ONWARD - 12:00 pm

      "Transcutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation Facilitates Upper Extremity Functional Recovery in Spinal Cord Injury: Results from the Up-LIFT Pivotal Trial"

SESSION 2: Brain Computer Interfaces

1:00 pm                    Session Chair - David Darrow, MD, MPH - University of Minnesota

Co-Chair - Ian Burkhart, BS - BCI Pioneers Coalition, Lived Experience 

1:10 pm       Speaker 2:1 - Riki Banerjee, PhD - Synchron

     "Developing a scalable, minimally invasive Brain computer interface (BCI) platform for today and tomorrow."

1:30 pm               Speaker 2:2 - Andrea Galvez, PhD - NeuroRestore

      "Brain Controlled Spinal Cord Stimulation To Restore Walking After Spinal Cord Injury."

1:50 pm       Speaker 2:3 - David Friedenberg, PhD - Batelle

      "Closed-loop functional electrical stimulation to drive neuroplasticity after spinal cord injury."

2:10 pm       Q&A

Industry Session - 2:30 pm

2:30 pm       Douglas Lautner, PhD - Abbott

     Senior Director of Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Research Fellow

2:42 pm               Nick Mairs, M.E. - Inspire

      Senior Manager of Systems Engineering and User Expeerience

2:54 pm       Dave Marver - ONWARD

      Chief Executive Officer

3:06 pm       Juan Hincapie, PhD - Medtronic

      Senior Research Manager

3:18 pm       Yi-Kai Lo, PhD - ANEUVO

CEO and Co-Founder

Break - 3:30 pm

SESSION 3: The Whole Body Syndrome that is Spinal Cord Injury: Targets for Spinal Cord Stimulation

3:50 pm                    Session Chair - Clas Linnman, PhD - Spaulding Neuroscience Laboratory

Co-Chair: Yvonne Dier, BS - Lived Experience

4:00 pm       Speaker 3:1 - Clas Linnman, PhD - Spaulding Neuroscience Laboratory 

     "Measuring structural, functional and microglial responses to exercise and pain relief."

4:20 pm               Speaker 3:2 - Ceren Yarrar-Fisher, PhD, PT - Ohio State University

     "The microbiome: what makes us super-human or diseased."

4:40 pm       Speaker 3:3 - Dimitry Sayenko, PhD - Houston Methodist Hospital and Research Institute

      "Unveiling the mysteries: how brain signals dance with spinal networks to supercharge motor function.

5:00 pm       Q&A


Funding Opportunities Session - 5:20 pm

5:20 pm                   Brooks Gross, PhD - NIH

"NINDS and Trans-NIH Funding Opportunities for Neurotechnology Development and Translation"

5:32 pm       Brian Schulz, PhD - VA

"Funding Opportunities in the Veterans Health Administration"

5:44 pm               Melissa Miller, PhD - DOD (Virtual)

"Funding Opportunities within the Spinal Cord Injury Research Program"

5:56 pm              Marco Baptista, PhD - Reeve Foundation

"Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation Research Strategy"

6:08 pm     Tracey Wheeler, PhD - Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

"Craig H. Neilsen Foundation"

Poster Awards - 6:20 pm

Adjourn - 6:30 pm

Neuromodulation Symposium

Friday, April 12th, 2024

Breakfast, Registration, Sponsor Exhibits - 8:00 am

SESSION 4: Regulatory and Reimbursement Considerations in Clinical Translation of SCS

9:00 am                    Session Chair - Robert Wudlick, BS - University of Minnesota

9:10 am       Speaker 4:1 - Kai Kadoich, MBA - FDA

FDA TAP Program - Accelerating Patient Access to Innovation” 

9:30 am               Speaker 4:2 - Heather Dean, PhD - FDA

“FDA Device Regulation” 

9:50 am       Speaker 4:3 - Lynn Saccoliti, BA - Strada Consulting

Reimbursement Pathway Clinical Study Considerations” 

10:10 am       Speaker 4:4 - Arushi Raina, MBA - Praxis Spinal Cord Institute

A vision for neuromodulation reimbursement and regulatory: an SCI community informed framework” 

Break - 10:30 am

Poster Session - 10:50 am

Lunch Sponsored by ANEUVO - 11:50 am

SESSION 5: Combination Therapy to Enhance SCS

12:50 pm                 Session Chair - Igor Lavrov, MD, PhD - Mayo Clinic

Session Co-Chair - Ann Parr, MD, PhD - University of Minnesota

Mackenzie Wann, BA - Unite 2 Fight Paralysis, Lived Experience

1:00 pm       Speaker 5:1 - Candance Floyd, PhD - Emory University

“A new study to platform to assess epidural stimulation combination strategies in a porcine model.” 

1:20 pm               Speaker 5:2 - Anthony Windebank, MD - Mayo Clinic

Promoting neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity using regenerative therapy and epidural electrical stimulation  following  spinal cord injury.” 

1:40 pm       Speaker 5:3 - Yury Gerasimenko, PhD - University of Louisville

Noninvasive multifunctional spinal neuromodulation in SCI.” 

2:00 pm       Q&A

Break - 2:20 pm

SESSION 6: Next Steps: Panel & Discussion Symposium Closing Remarks

2:40 pm                    Session Chair - Matthew Roderick - Unite 2 Fight

Session Co-Chair - Leslie Morse, DO - University of Miami

Traci Fernandez, MIS - TRYAbility NeuroRecovery Center, Lived Experience

2:50 pm       Panel Discussion with:

Jenn Wong, MBS - Divisional Vice President, Global Clinical & Regulatory Affairs at Abbott

Vanessa Noonan, PhD - Director, Research at The Praxis Spinal Cord Institute

Erika Ross Ellison, PhD - Vice President, Clinical, Regulatory, and Quality at ONWARD

Uzma Samadani, MD, PhD - Neurosurgeon, Founder at Oculogica

Nathan Torgerson, BS - Senior Distinguished Systems Engineer, Medtronic Neuromodulation

Heather Dean, PhD - FDA - Assistant Director, Division of Neuromodulation & Rehabilitation Devices

Closing Remarks - 4:10 pm

Shashank Priya, PhD  - Vice President for Research, University  of Minnesota

Poster Awards - 4:25 pm

Adjourn - 4:35 pm

Next Steps in Research Workshop

Saturday, April 13th, 2024

9:00 AM Welcome

9:30 AM Roadblocks to Transcutaneous/Epidural (parallel sessions)

10:30 AM Break

11:00 AM Debrief

11:20 AM Outcome Measures

12:20 PM Working Lunch

1:20 PM NextSteps/SCI Neuromod Society

Secure your spot today for the future directions by registering via the following Google Form

**Registration is free, but all participants will be expected to participate in working groups and help carry out goals set by the committees following the workshop.