The 11th Annual Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium is organized by the Institute for Engineering in Medicine (IEM) and MnDRIVE Brain Conditions. This year, the Neuromodulation Symposium will be joining forces with the Neuromodulation for Spinal Cord Injury Conference!

In addition to focusing on the rapidly-growing field of neuromodulation, this joint symposium will also highlight the latest advancements and breakthroughs in spinal cord injury research and treatment. By merging these two vital areas of study, we aim to foster cross-disciplinary discussions and explore potential synergies between neuromodulation and spinal cord injury interventions.

This symposium is aimed at bringing together basic scientists, engineers, clinicians, industrial practitioners and entrepreneurs to discuss challenges and opportunities in neuromodulation. The symposium will consist of plenary presentations by leaders in academia, industry and government, and poster presentations to exchange ideas in this exciting field. The symposium, which is part of IEM Innovation Week, will be held immediately following the Design of Medical Devices Conference. 

The Spinal Cord Stimulation for Spinal Cord Injury Workshop will be hosted on April 10th concentrating on the integration of spinal cord neuromodulation therapies for spinal cord injury treatment into clinical trials and, ultimately, clinical practice. This will be independent of the MN Neuromodulation Symposium April 11th and 12th. 

We look forward to seeing you April 10th for the SCI Workshop and April 11th-12th, 2024 for the Neuromodulation Symposium in Minneapolis, MN!


Workshop registration rates: 

Early registration rates for symposium (In person or Virtual):

Early registration closes April 1, 2024. 

Poster Abstract Submissions & Travel Awards 

If you present a poster, you will receive FREE registration!!! 

Submit your abstract by March 8th, 2024.

Do not register for the event until you receive the free registration code from the Neuromodulation Symposium team.

POSTER SIZE REQUIREMENTS: Posters must be printed to this size in order to fit on the poster boards 46”W x 32”H

National and international students and postdoctoral researchers who are presenting posters at the Symposium are invited to apply for a travel award. 

Apply by February 23rd, 2024. 

Do not register for the event until you receive notification that you are a selected travel awardee and receive the free registration code from the Neuromodulation Symposium team.


Graduate Minneapolis

Planning on staying at the Graduate Minneapolis

All conference attendees must reserve and pay for their own accommodations using the booking link provided to receive the discounted rate.

2024 MN Neuromodulation Symposium/MnDrive Brain Conditions

If you have any issues, please call the hotel at (612) 379-8888 and reference the "2024 MN Neuromodulation Symposium/MnDrive Brain Conditions" room block.

The deadline to make a reservation within the hotel room block is Monday, March 18. Please be sure to book your accommodations before that date.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Potential Sponsors

Please contact Neuromod@umn.edu

Contact Information 

Please contact Neuromod@umn.edu

Symposium Planning Committee

Leslie Morse, DO (Conference Co-Chair)

David Darrow, MD (Conference Co-Chair)

Tay Netoff, PhD, UMN (Conference Director; Co-Director, CNE)

Robert Wudlick, BS, UMN, GUSU to Cure Paralysis 

Ann Parr, MD, UMN

Ricardo Battaglino, UMN

Amanda Derasmi, UMN

Uzma Samadani, MD, UMN, MN VA Hospital

Megan Gill, Mayo

Kristin Zhao, Mayo

Peter Grahn, Mayo

Igor Lavarov MD/PhD, Mayo

Susan Harkema, PhD, University of Louisville 

Susan Howley

Matthew Roderick, U2FP

Sam Maddox, U2FP

Joe Dailey, GUSU to Cure Paralysis

David Magnuson, PhD, University of Louisville 

Dwight Nelson, PhD (Sponsorship Director)

Andrew Monk, UMN (Event Manager)

Taylor Lopez-Angel, UMN (Event Manager)

Karrie Molitor, UMN (Event Manager)

The 11th Annual Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium is hosted by:

Thank you to our 11th Annual Minnesota Neuromodulation Symposium sponsors!

The MN Neuromodulation Symposium is a proud part of the Institute for Engineering in Medicine's Innovation Week at the UMN. Click on the links above for details about each event.

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