International Program Committee

Ted Berger University of Southern California
Marom Bikson City College of New York
Chad Bouton Feinstein Institute for Medical Research
Ed Boyden M.I.T.
Lei Ding University of Oklahoma
Dominique Durand Case Western Reserve University
Mark George Medical University of South Carolina
Warren Grill Duke University
David Jiles Iowa State University
Nick Langhals National Institutes of Health
Chin-Teng Lin National Chiao-Tung University
Nigel Lovell University of New South Wales
Cameron McIntyre Case Western Reserve University
David J. Mogul Illinois Institute of Technology
Michael Nitsche Leibniz Research Centre for Working Environment and Human Factors
Alvaro Pascual-Leone Harvard Medical School
Hunter Peckham Case Western Reserve University
Jose Principe University of Florida
Garry Stanley Georgia Institute of Technology
Nitish Thakor Johns Hopkins University
Shanbao Tong Shanghai Jiaotong University
John B. Troy Northwestern University
Philip Troyk Illinois Institute of Technology
Shoogo Ueno University of Tokyo
Greg Worrell Mayo Clinic, Rochester

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